Graham Smith

Graham is a specialist in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation and Video for the past 20 years. Working as a creative, director, designer and animator. Recent clients include ‘Audible’ and ‘Audible Originals’ motion creative identity work for TVC use. Kinetic typography for BT rebrand TVC in 2019 and content motion graphics for Asics 2020 campaigns. He also has IMDB’s for creative, design, post production and VFX work. Stand-out creative / animation / post work for the 2010 film ‘American. The Bill Hicks Story’ creating over 500 sequences for this huge feature / doc hit success. He has extensive knowledge and experience making music videos and content /creative campaigns. 2 successful lyric videos including Royksopp / Robyn ‘Do It Again’ through Royksopp’s Dog Triumph label. And a string of videos with Swedish artist Seinabo Sey. ‘Pistols at dawn’, ‘Hard Time’ and ‘Younger’. The later currently has over 60.2 million hits on you tube. His passion and drive is centred around his illustration and art / drawing work, and his love of anything experimental and abstract which shows through his design and moving work.

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