Joe Turner Shares Entrancing Club Cut "Malibak"

When Croydon DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Turner self-released his debut single "Atmosphere" last year the results were immediate and huge, quickly finding fans in high places and ultimately landing him a deal first with Jamz Supernova's Future Bounce label and then a global deal with Caroline International's LG105 imprint.

Now he's ready to unveil "Malibak" (released today), the first release at his new home. A rousing, entrancing piece of electronica imbued with a soulful quality that comes from the combination of pulsing electronics and the subtle addition of his own vocals. "I wanted to write something that was powerful and that had a sense of strength and resilience to it," Turner commented, and he's certainly succeeded.

However, to really get the full effect of his talent you need to watch the Mark Lediard-directed visuals that show the polymath playing the track completely live, from the relentless drum pads and glistening synths to the delicate guitar melody that comes in at the mid-point.

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