Robbie Williams lyric video to be filmed by J6 Films

J6 Films is creating a lyric video that will be released in the New Year at the same time as the X Factor judges’s latest album, Under the Radar Volume 3, is released.

The new video is being directed by Mark Lediard, who has worked with J6 on a number of projects in the past.

However, details of what will be in the video and song are being kept largely secret before their public release.

James Baxter, managing director at J6 Films, said: “Mark has done a lot of work with us now and we got approached by IE Music, and they are who Robbie Williams is signed to. They asked if we would be interested in pitching for the job.

“The video is for his new album ‘Under the Radar Volume 3’, but I’m not allowed to name the track. The album is going to be released on February 14 and our video is going to be for the first track on that album.

“We are casting and doing preproduction now and the video will be release on January 17"

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